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Known across the country as a respectable credit union, Rewards Secured Credit Card from Navy Federal Credit Union offers plenty of membership benefits for those who are looking to build their credit while also enjoy the privileges of a mainstream credit card. After making a standard deposit of at least 500$ to start, the cardholder is subjected to a credit limit of exactly the deposited amount, and are able to begin using the card service immediately. Here are just a few of the positive aspects associated with this specific card service:

Lack of fees

navy-federal-secured-credit-card-1Often times with mainstream credit card offers, cardholders are subjected to a variety of additional fees when they attempt to use their card for any number of services. However with the secured card from Navy Federal Credit Union, the consumer is able to utilize both the balance transfer and foreign transaction function of their membership without any additional cost. Moreover, the card comes with no annual fee, which is difficult to come by in the current state of credit card services today. Ultimately, the lack of additional fees helps to keep money in the pockets of the consumers, which is an essential benefit.

Rewards System

Although the card service operates at a relatively standard rate of 1 point per dollar spent on all purchases, cardholders are able to benefit from a wide variety of ways in which they can benefit from their rewards. This includes gift cards to popular chains such as Best Buy and Applebee’s with no additional cost for redeeming your points. Perhaps the only negative aspect of the rewards system is that the points do expire after four years from the date of acquisition.

Cash Advance Fee

cashIf you are thinking about utilizing the cash advance function of your Navy Federal Secured Credit Card, keep in mind that there is an added fee charged for this service. However, the fee only applies to advances made outside of the country or outside of an NFCU ATM. Otherwise this service is also covered under the complimentary service department.

Special Features and Technology

This card service is not only full of membership benefits that will allow you to rebuild your credit and earn a little cash at the same time, but it also is full of individual benefits which help to ensure your safety and security. For example, the card is embedded with chip technology as well as a fraud monitoring service which work to maintain that the cardholder stays in control of their cards purchases. Moreover, the membership also entails a 24/7 support service which can be accessed either online or via the telephone. This service includes both pending and completed charges, as well as recent billing statements in order to keep you on top of your finances.

Ultimately, the Navy Federal Secured Credit Card is an excellent option for those looking to rebuild their credit while also enjoying many of the card benefits that are offered by major companies.