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A second chance credit card is a glorious item that allows a person who has tarnished credit to recover his or her positive reputation. People with fair or poor credit can usually obtain such credit cards. The good part about second chance cards is that some of them are unsecured. Unsecured credit gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy having access to a card without having to use personal money. The following are a few second-chance cards that are available on the market. None of these cards require a security deposit to obtain:

First Premier Credit Card

first-premier-secured-credit-card-1The First Premier credit card is an easy card to get even for people who have very bad credit. It is a perfect tool for rebuilding one’s credit after experiencing quite a disaster. The application process for getting the card is very quick, and the the company welcomes all credit types. The applicant does have to pay a processing fee to receive the card, however. The interest rate may be a little on the high side, as well, but it will all be worth it when the person finally sees the light of day again in the credit world.

Credit One Bank Cash Rewards Card

credit-one-bank-cash-rewards-cardThe Credit One Bank Cash Rewards card is an excellent option for consumers who want to earn cash back. Not only does the card give the user the option to restore his or her credit profile, but also it gives the person the ability to earn at least 1 percent cash back on all his or her purchases. The APR will be between 15.65 percent and 24.15 percent. The company determines the annual fee by the person’s credit, so a new applicant will not know what it is until after the application gets approved.

Milestone MasterCard

milestone-mastercardThe Milestone MasterCard is a special option for people who have bad credit. The provider gives consumers the opportunity to see if they qualify without effecting their credit score. There are three options for which a consumer may receive an approval. They may be pre-approved for a card that has a $35 annual fee, a $59 annual fee, or a $99 annual fee. The APR for all the cards are 23.90 percent. Some of the benefits that come with the cards are online access and customizable card design.

Total Visa Credit Card

total-visa-credit-cardThe Total Visa credit card has an application process that is only a few minutes long. Applicants can receive many benefits from the card such as online access, quick decision making, and timely reporting of payments to all major credit bureaus. Anyone who applies for the card has a good chance of obtaining an approval. the card company specifies that new card holders will have to pay an $89 processing fee if their card is approved.

Those are just a few of the options that people have to get cards if they want to get back into the credit world. If you are looking for an option, you can choose one of those. You can select one based on the review.