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A U.S. Bank Secured Visa card is the perfect option for someone who wants to rebuild his or her reputation with lenders. It gives the consumer a card to use just like any other Visa or MasterCard. The only difference between a secured card and a regular card is that the person has to send a deposit to the lender before the lender will issue a card. Once the lender gets a deposit, it provides the consumer with a fresh new card to use at thousands of locations and for anything that person desires. Along with worldwide spending power and the opportunity to rebuild one’s credit, this card gives the consumer the following benefits:

Online Banking Access

online-banking-access-1U.S. Bank is all about making the credit card ownership experience convenient for its customers. That is why it provides the customers with access to online banking tools. Cardholders can easily use their online banking logins to conduct tasks such as checking their balance, transferring funds or printing account statements. Cardholders can make payments to their cards using the online tools, as well.

Car Rental Insurance

Travelers will truly love this card because they automatically receive rental car insurance without having to do anything to get it. The rental car insurance provides the cardholder with coverage against unfortunate incidents like collisions and theft.

Total Fraud Protection

Fraud happens to millions of people every year, but U.S. Bank tries to ensure that it doesn’t happen to people who hold their cards. The company alerts cardholders of any strange activity that may seem fraudulent. For example, someone would call the cardholder if it appeared that he or she had used the card excessively in one day, and that was opposite of the cardholders usual habits.

Protection Tools

us-bank-secured-credit-cardCardholders get online tools that help them to use the card intelligently and avoid extra fees and interest charges. The tools let the cardholders know when a payment is due so they do not miss it. The official name of the tool is FlexControl, and it literally puts the cardholder in control of his or her destiny.

Consumer Ratings

Consumers who rated the card highly did so because they appreciated the simplified application process. Some people were not so happy with the card’s simplicity when it came to features and benefits. It is not a card for bell and whistles, but it is a good option for getting back on one’s feet.

How to Get the Card

An interested party can apply for the card in approximately three minutes and receive an answer in as few as 60 seconds. To apply for the card, the person will simply visit the online form and answer the questions that pertain to financial status, housing status, employers and the like. If the bank approves the request for the card, it will ask for a deposit. The new card will come approximately seven to 10 business days after the consumer sends the deposit for the card. Once the card comes, the new cardholder can start spending. The review will be great.